Thai Thai Curry  Night.

Welcome to Thai Thai Curry night, only £16.95 per person and eat as much as you can. Try all those curries, then find out which curry you like most

Chairat and his team are delighted to offer you a unique and wonderful sensory experience every  Wednesday evening at the “Thai Thai Curry Night”

Not only will you be transported to Thailand in the wonderful Thai Thai surroundings, but you will be able to taste the widest range of the most delicious curries from across Thailand.

You will be able to taste a mouth-watering array of curries from different regions across Thailand – from traditional ones you may have experienced, to  ones you will only be able to enjoy at

Thai Thai restaurant, and nowhere else!

Some of the delicious curries we would like to enjoy are

– Famous Thai green curry with chicken and aubergine cooked in coconut milk. !

– Massaman curry, an authentic peanut curry with beef, potatoes, onion flavored with cinnamon, cloves, and cumin cooked in coconut milk. peanut

– A roasted duck curry with pineapple, tomatoes, aubergines, and capsicums, lychees cooked in coconut milk. !

– Rich and flavorsome pork tenderloin in red curry sauce !!

– A mind and creamy yellow curry with chicken with onion and potatoes, cooked in coconut milk.

– Traditional style Thai curry with tiger prawn, pineapple and Thai herbs slow-cooked in coconut milk.

– Thai northern style none- coconut milk curry with chicken, very hot and spicy with fine bean, bamboo shoot, baby corn, and kra chai.

– Nam Ya, an original Thai curry with chicken in red curry paste, kra chai served with rice vermicelli noodles and varieties of vegetables.

– Gaeng som, Thai none – coconut milk curry with battered boneless fish, varieties of vegetable, tamarind, kra chai.

– Hungley curry, Chiang Mai special pork curry with fresh ginger, peanut, and tamarind.

– Chiang Mai Jack Fruit curry with pork, mushroom, chilli paste.